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Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:47 pm by potpolitics

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Re: Last time I checked, I had no robo powers

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Re: Last time I checked, I had no robo powers

Post by potpolitics on Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:47 pm

Wow I'm a fucking goof and just spent time typing in a white screen with a white font
any way John Sullivan figures it out sooner or later>I'm stopping by to let people know that I'm ready to hopefully break out.I got my small list of my people and I'm here on this fucking forum hopefully talking to my people.Look at today's post.I want to round up the people from here and promote them and the forum in that same style.
But It will just be just the people that want to be added I'm adding the core original 5 no doubt but any new people that want to get down let me know.
I apologize for not holding my end on the friendships I have been concentrating on doing things step by step,day by day .I just went through the whole forum and it's fucking bad ass>I'm only going to invite the true players and warn people that if they come in here with the hate the will get bitch smacked and fucking smoked;)
I have a forum if you want to beam back to your links here and there etc.also the has a directory with some PR

anyway I'm working on some design stuff for the show on ustream cause it 's a powerful system and has a great guest host I want everyone that I know that reads this It's our show.I'm hoping to build it up and have KAT and RG make love to each other on their night via video Smile Mom could maybe get some of her friends and do a night .Fly can go on play the guitar and read his poems to the ladies :)anyway
we have to stay ahead of the competition and I'm bringing the best with me:)
so think of your talents and resources.Let's harness our energies and blow it up:)

Never think that I don't think about each of you cause I do I'm just concentrating on the long picture u may not see it BUT I do and you will
so step up to the plate if your ready to blast your self and your sites to the next level.I go by everyones sites and it is very exciting to see the fucking skills flowing
let me know when your ready cause I'm ready and it's SHOWTIME

finally the house should get a big shout out on the work done on this site

successful blogging has alot of mistakes it's working around them and coming back with something better that works is what it's all about;) Excellent

look me up
:)Thanks Smile
let's get it done join me its going to happen

Hey people I was just passing e

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